A-Gerber format-History-Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Jan 04, 2017-

A-Gerber format-History-Design Circuit

Board Electronic Pcb


The Gerber file format was originally developed by the Gerber Systems Corp., a division of Gerber Scientific, founded by Joseph Gerber. The Gerber file format is now owned by Ucamco through its acquisition of Barco ETS, a company that previously acquired Gerber Systems Corp. The specification can be freely downloaded.

In 1980, the first edition of the Gerber Format: a subset of EIA RS-274-D; plot data format reference book was published by Gerber Systems Corporation, the pioneer and market leader in vector photoplotters. Gerber Scientific Corporation used a subset of EIA RS-274-D to drive their line of vector photoplotters. This format became known as Standard Gerber. In the 1980s, Standard Gerber was adopted by several other photoplotter vendors and also CAM systems for PCB manufacturing. It became the de facto standard image format.

In 1991 with the availability of the more capable raster photoplotters the Gerber format was extended for polygon areas and "mass parameters". It becomes a superset of RS-274-D standard Gerber. These allow the user to dynamically define apertures of different shapes and sizes as well as defining polygon area fills without the need for "painting". This created a family of input formats each one dedicated to the capabilities of the different Gerber plotter models. The impetus to develop the Extended Mass Parameters was provided by AT&T.

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