B-Routing (electronic design automation)-Custom Circuit Board Pcb​

- Jan 06, 2017-

B-Routing (electronic design automation)

Custom Circuit Board Pcb

Routing (electronic design automation)

Almost every problem associated with routing is known to be intractable. The simplest routing problem, called the Steiner tree problem, of finding the shortest route for one net in one layer with no obstacles and no design rules is NP-hard if all angles are allowed and NP-complete if only horizontal and vertical wires are allowed. Variants of channel routing have also been shown to be NP-complete, as well as routing which reduces crosstalk, number of vias, and so on. Routers therefore seldom attempt to find an optimum result. Instead, almost all routing is based on heuristics which try to find a solution that is good enough.

Design rules sometimes vary considerably from layer to layer. For example, the allowed width and spacing on the lower layers may be four or more times smaller than the allowed widths and spacings on the upper layers. This introduces many additional complications not faced by routers for other applications such as printed circuit board or Multi-Chip Module design. Particular difficulties ensue if the rules are not simple multiples of each other, and when vias must traverse between layers with different rules.

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