B-Soldering defects-Tools-Custom Design Circuit Board Pcb​

- Feb 08, 2017-

B-Soldering defects-Tools-Custom Design

Circuit Board Pcb


Toaster ovens and hand held infrared lights have been used by hobbyists to replicate production soldering processes on a much smaller scale.

Bristle brushes are usually used to apply plumbing paste flux. For electronic work, flux-core solder is generally used, but additional flux may be used from a flux pen or dispensed from a small bottle with a syringe-like needle.

Wire brush, wire wool and emery cloth are commonly used to prepare plumbing joints for connection. Electronic joints are usually made between surfaces that have been tinned and rarely require mechanical cleaning, though tarnished component leads and copper traces with a dark layer of oxide passivation (due to aging), as on a new prototyping board that has been on the shelf for about a year or more, may need to be mechanically cleaned.

Some fluxes for electronics are designed to be stable and inactive when cool and do not need to be cleaned off, though they still can be if desired, while other fluxes are acidic and must be removed after soldering to prevent corrosion of the circuits. For PCB assembly and rework, either an alcohol or acetone is commonly used with cotton swabs or bristle brushes to remove flux residue after soldering. A heavy rag is usually used to remove flux from a plumbing joint before it cools and hardens. A fiberglass brush can also be used.

A heat sink, such as a crocodile clip, can be used to prevent damaging heat-sensitive components while hand-soldering. The heat sink limits the temperature of the component body by absorbing and dissipating heat (reducing the thermal resistance between the component and the air), while the thermal resistance of the leads maintains the temperature difference between the part of the leads being soldered and the component body so that the leads become hot enough to melt the solder while the component body remains cooler.

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