Ball grid array-Variants-Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Jan 07, 2017-

Ball grid array-Variants-Custom Design

Circuit Board Electronic Pcb


Intel Mobile Celeron in a BGA2 package (FCBGA-479); the die is blue
  • CABGA: Chip Array Ball Grid Array

  • CBGA and PBGA denote the Ceramic or Plastic substrate material to which the array is attached.

  • CTBGA: Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array

  • CVBGA: Very Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array

  • DSBGA: Die-Size Ball Grid Array

  • FBGA or Fine Ball Grid Array based on ball grid array technology. It has thinner contacts and is mainly used in system-on-a-chip designs; also known as FineLine BGA by Altera. Not to be confused with Fortified BGA.

  • FCmBGA: Flip Chip Molded Ball Grid Array

  • LBGA: Low-profile Ball Grid Array

  • LFBGA: Low-profile Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array

  • MBGA: Micro Ball Grid Array

  • MCM-PBGA: Multi-Chip Module Plastic Ball Grid Array

  • PBGA: Plastic Ball Grid Array

  • SuperBGA (SBGA): Super Ball Grid Array

  • TABGA: Tape Array BGA

  • TBGA: Thin BGA

  • TEPBGA: Thermally Enhanced Plastic Ball Grid Array

  • TFBGA or Thin and Fine Ball Grid Array

  • UFBGA and UBGA and Ultra Fine Ball Grid Array based on pitch ball grid array.

  • VFBGA: Very Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array

  • WFBGA: Very Very Thin profile Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array

To make it easier to use ball grid array devices, most BGA packages only have balls in the outer rings of the package, leaving the innermost square empty.

Intel used a package designated BGA1 for their Pentium II and early Celeron mobile processors. BGA2 is Intel's package for their Pentium III and some later Celeron mobile processors. BGA2 is also known as FCBGA-479. It replaced its predecessor, BGA1.

For example, the "Micro-FCBGA" (Flip Chip Ball Grid Array) is Intel's current[when?] BGA mounting method for mobile processors that use a flip chip binding technology. It was introduced with the Coppermine Mobile Celeron.  Micro-FCBGA has 479 balls that are 0.78 mm in diameter. The processor is affixed to the motherboard by soldering the balls to the motherboard. This is thinner than a pin grid array socket arrangement, but is not removable.

The 479 balls of the Micro-FCBGA Package (a package almost identical to the 478-pin Socketable Micro-FCPGA Package) are arranged as the 6 outer rings of a 1.27 mm pitch (20 balls per inch pitch) 26x26 square grid, with the inner 14x14 region empty.

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