Basic tips for circuit board repair

- Jan 02, 2020-

Basic tips for circuit board repair

 A common circuit board, the circuit is combined into ten million,

The appearance of the component often changes, and the character recognition is the key

Resistance and capacitance are the most common, and damage is also very common

The resistance value is easy to change, and the leakage capacitance of the capacitor is also leaking.

Inductive transformer is a coil

Diode and triode, measure the positive and negative of the PN junction

MOS tube and thyristor, trigger test is the key

The above are discrete parts, integrated circuits for many years

Analog devices have op amps, virtual short and virtual ends to judge

The optocoupler isolates the front and rear stages, and the damage is tens of millions

Digital devices are often seen, in front of 40 and 74

There is also an analog-to-digital converter, which is very laborious to test

Don't forget ROM and CPLD, programming depends on programmer

CPU, microcontroller, timing judgment logic instrument

Various sensors, ranking first in damage probability

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