Black oxide-Ferrous materials-Cold black oxide-circuit board pcb

- Jan 09, 2017-

Black oxide-Ferrous materials-Cold black

oxide-circuit board pcb

Ferrous materials

Mid-temperature black oxide

Like hot black oxide, mid-temperature black oxide converts the surface of the metal to magnetite (Fe3O4). However, mid-temperature black oxide blackens at a temperature of 220–245 °F (104–118 °C), significantly less than hot black oxide. This is advantageous because it is below the solution's boiling point, meaning there are no caustic fumes produced.

Since mid-temperature black oxide is most comparable to hot black oxide, it also can meet the military specification MIL-DTL-13924, as well as AMS 2485.

Cold black oxide

Cold black oxide is applied at room temperature. It is not an oxide conversion coating, but rather a deposited copper selenium compound. Cold black oxide offers higher productivity and is convenient for in-house blackening. This coating produces a similar color to the one the oxide conversion does, but tends to rub off easily and offers less abrasion resistance. The application of oil, wax, or lacquer brings the corrosion resistance up to par with the hot and mid-temperature. One application for cold black oxide process would be in tooling and architectural finishing on steel (patina for steel).

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