C-Gerber format-History-Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Jan 04, 2017-

C-Gerber format-History-Custom Design

Circuit Board Electronic Pcb


In June 2013, Ucamco published a proposal to add three new commands to the Gerber format which allow to include image attributes conveying metadata attached to the image and its components. It invited feedback from the Gerber users before committing these ideas to a firm specification. This process resulted in revision J1 from February 2014, updated with further revisions until revision 2015.07. Including metadata adds intelligence to the format. It converts a mere image description format to a fully-fledged PCB data transfer format. This is called the second extension and results what is known as Gerber X2, Gerber X1 being the pure image format. Gerber X2 is fully backward compatible with X1 - the attributes do not affect the image. Gerber X2 was developed by Karel Tavernier, Ludek Brukner and Thomas Weyn.

In September 2014, Ucamco revoked Standard Gerber.

In August 2015, Ucamco published a draft specification adding nested step and repeat and block apertures to make panel descriptions more efficient, calling for comments from the user community. In November 2016 the review process was closed after substantial input and modifications and the final specification was published. This revision was developed by Karel Tavernier and Rik Breemeersch. Shortly afterwards the Cuprum Gerber viewer developed the first implementation.

In July 2016 Karel Tavernier from Ucamco published a draft specification to include netlist information in Gerber for public review. After a number of revisions of the draft triggered by input from users the draft was finalized on October 2, 2016.

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