CADSTAR Modules For Printed circuit board

- Apr 11, 2017-

CADSTAR Modules For Printed circuit board



CADSTAR contains many modules for specific uses such as:

  • Design Editor This enables the engineer to draw schematic circuits, define the PCB layout and produce the manufacturing data from the completed PCB.

  • Library Editor Used for the creation of Symbols, Component and Parts. Supports ODBC compliant databases.

  • Embedded Router Used to create the tracks (layout) and other copper features of the board within the Design Editor environment.

  • P.R.Editor Used to create the tracks and other copper features of the board in an external environment to the Design Editor with many more features than the Embedded Router.

  • High-Speed P.R.Editor Allows the user to define a wide range of circuit rules and routing constraints to control the layout process.

  • Signal Integrity Verify Post-layout signal integrity simulation toolset and what-if analysis.

  • Power Integrity Fast analysis methodology including what-if analysis for concurrent power integrity.

  • EMC Adviser Helps designers predict, analyse and control EMC design issues.

  • Design Migration Tool Used to migrate designs and libraries from other EDA-tools into CADSTAR.

  • Variant Manager Allows support of variant assemblies for different part values or not fitted components on the same PCB.

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