Conformal coating-Coating methods-Brush coating-circuit board pcb

- Feb 06, 2017-

Conformal coating-Coating methods-Brush

coating-circuit board pcb

Coating methods

The coating material can be applied by various methods, from brushingspraying and dipping, or, due to the increasing complexities of the electronic boards being designed and with the 'process window' becoming smaller and smaller, by selectively coating via robot. Different methods of curing / drying are available depending on the conformal coating material. Nearly all modern conformal coatings contain a fluorescent dye to aid in coating coverage inspection.

Brush coating

This works by flow coating the material onto the board and is suitable for low volume application, finishing and repair. The finish tends to be inferior cosmetically and can be subject to many defects such as bubbles. The coating also tends to be thicker and unless skilled operators applied the coating, highly subjective in quality.

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