Development trend of PCBA chip processing

- Sep 28, 2019-

Development trend of PCBA chip processing

In the PCBA processing process, SMT chip processing is a key link, and the reliability of soldering directly determines the performance of electronic products. With the continuous development of the PCBA industry, PCBA chip processing has begun to show a trend of miniaturization and patching.

Pcba patch

The packaging of electronic components is getting smaller and smaller, and 0402 and even 0201 materials are gradually becoming popular. This poses new challenges to the process requirements of PCBA chip processing. It needs to be equipped with high-precision SMT placement machine, precise laser steel mesh and welding process. Wait. In addition, in the design process of the PCBA board, the conversion of the plug-in material to the patch material has gradually become the mainstream. The production of the plug-in requires more manual input, the cost is higher, and the consistency of the product is not welded in the form of a patch package. Good consistency.

The trend of PCBA chip processing is constantly evolving. In the future, the increase of labor costs and the popularization of intelligent manufacturing concepts, PCBA processing begins to show high-end intelligence, automation, miniaturization and other trends, thus achieving high production efficiency. In this development trend, the entire industry base needs to be continuously upgraded, from components and SMT placement machines to production processes.

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