Difference between PCB and PCBA and future development

- Dec 02, 2019-

Difference between PCB and PCBA and future development

Summary of content: PCB is what we call circuit board circuit board. Processing PCB drawings into circuit board circuit boards is called PCB. Pass the SMT (SMD) on the PCB empty board, and paste the components needed for the board, called PCBA. The boards of components have been pasted. Just assemble the shell and debug the program, and a complete electronic product is completed.

 According to the survey, many small and medium-sized electronic product manufacturers have to save the trouble of contacting the chip manufacturers after purchasing PCBs back. More and more electronic product manufacturers will choose to let PCB manufacturers process SMDs while producing PCBs, or let SMD manufacturers purchase PCBs instead. In these two modes, electronic product manufacturers can directly assemble and use the circuit boards in their hands to produce finished products. Many manufacturers that can only produce PCBs process PCBA unconditionally, and will lose customers who need to process at the same time. Such customers choose manufacturers who have the ability to add at the same time, or choose a patch factory and let the patch factory purchase PCBs on behalf of them. Many people may ask why the SMD factory can purchase the PCB, and why the PCB factory does not contact the SMD factory. SMD manufacturers purchasing PCB is a very simple matter, just need to let customers provide production drawings and production processes. In addition, the PCB market price is very transparent and easy to purchase. However, PCB manufacturers do not understand the various component products and prices. It is difficult to contact the SMD factory for SMD production, and only focus on the production PCB.

Since 2009, PCB manufacturers have gradually expanded their factories and increased PCBA processing lines while producing PCBs. This one-step approach has been recognized by many electronic product manufacturers. This contemporaneous processing method has both advantages and disadvantages. OEMs have increased their profit margins, but at the same time their risks have also increased. The main reason is that to purchase components for customers, every electronic product needs different components. Even if the same product has different design drawings, the components used are different. If the component purchase model is wrong, the board and component will be scrapped at the same time. It is also difficult to estimate the direct economic losses. The increase in human and material resources is inevitable. Under the pressure of market competition, the simultaneous processing of PCB and PCBA is also inevitable.

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