DipTrace-Basic Features-Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Jan 05, 2017-

DipTrace-Basic Features-Design Circuit

Board Electronic Pcb


DipTrace is EDA/CAD software for creating schematic diagrams and printed circuit boards. The developers provide multi-lingual interface and tutorials (currently available in English and 21 other languages). DipTrace has 4 modules: Schematic Capture Editor, PCB Layout Editor with built-in shape-based autorouter and 3D Preview & Export, Component Editor, and Pattern Editor.

Basic Features

  • Simple UI

  • Multi-sheet and hierarchical schematics

  • High-speed shape-based autorouter

  • Smart manual routing tools

  • Differential pairs

  • Wide import / export capabilities

  • Advanced verifications with real-time DRC

  • Real-time 3D PCB preview

  • Export of PCB to STEP 3D file format

  • ODB++ and Gerber manufacturing outputs

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Screenshot of Diptrace PCB Layout module
DipTrace PCB Layout
Initial releaseAugust 2004

Stable release
3.0 / March 10, 2016
Written inObject Pascal (Delphi)[1]
Operating systemWindows, OS X (Wine), Linux (Wine)
Available inavailable in English and 21 other languages
TypeElectronic design automation

Professional Manufactur Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb

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