DipTrace-Freeware and Hobbyist versions-Updates in version 3.0 pcb

- Jan 05, 2017-

DipTrace-Freeware and Hobbyist versions-

Updates in version 3.0 pcb

Freeware and Hobbyist versions

A version of DipTrace is freely available with all the functionality of the full package except that it is limited to 300 pins and non-commercial use or 500 pins (non-commercial use, for a moderate charge) and 2 signal layers. Power and ground plane layers do not count as signal layers, so the free versions can create 4-layer boards with full power and ground planes.

Updates in version 3.0

  • Differential pairs: define differential pair and its rules; automatic or manual defining of paired pads; paired routing and editing of differential pair; single-track differential pair routing and editing; phase tune tool (place custom / regular size meanders); real-time control of phase and length tolerance; differential pair manager; support of differential pairs for external autorouters, recognition of paired traces.

  • Custom user-defined keyboard shortcuts for tools and dialogs.

  • ODB++ (version 7.0) manufacturing output.

  • Gerber X2 manufacturing output.

  • DRC rule details (easy editing of routing constraints).

  • Tree view of 3D models in All Models list, sorted by categories (folders).

  • Overall speed and memory optimization for large designs.

  • Optimized UI fonts.

  • 8143 new components.

  • 5694 new STEP models for 3D.

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