DipTrace-Schematic Capture-PCB Layout-design pcb board

- Jan 05, 2017-

DipTrace-Schematic Capture-PCB

Layout-design pcb board

Schematic Capture

Screenshot of Diptrace Schematic capture module

Advanced circuit design tool with support of multi-sheet and multi-level hierarchical schematics that delivers a number of features for visual and logical pin connections. Cross-module management ensures that principal circuits can be easily converted to PCB, back annotated, or imported/exported from/to other EDA, CAD formats and net-lists. DipTrace Schematic has ERC Verification and Spice export for external simulation.

PCB Layout

Engineering tool for board design with smart manual routing, differential pairs, shape-based autorouter, advanced verification, and wide import/export capabilities. Design requirements are defined by net classes, class-to-class rules, and detailed settings by object types for each class or layer. When routing with real-time DRC, the program reports errors on the fly before actually making them. DRC also checks length and phase tolerances for differential pairs. The board can be previewed in 3D and exported to STEP format for mechanical CAD modeling. Design Rule Check with in-depth detailing and Net Connectivity verification procedures are available.

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