Electronic design automation-Types of routers-PCB circuit board

- Jan 06, 2017-

Electronic design automation-Types of

routers-PCB circuit board

Types of routers

The earliest types of EDA routers were "manual routers"—the drafter clicked a mouse on the endpoint of each line segment of each net. Modern PCB design software typically provides "interactive routers"—the drafter selects a pad and clicks a few places to give the EDA tool an idea of where to go, and the EDA tool tries to place wires as close to that path as possible without violating design rule checking (DRC). Some more advanced interactive routers have "push and shove" features in an interactive router; the EDA tool pushes other nets out of the way, if possible, in order to place a new wire where the drafter wants it and still avoid violating DRC. Modern PCB design software also typically provides "autorouters" that route all remaining unrouted connections without human intervention.

The five main types of autorouters are:

  • Maze router

  • Line probe router

  • Channel router

  • Area routers

  • Switchbox routing

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