Electronic smt patch processing plant safety knowledge

- Sep 28, 2019-

Electronic smt patch processing plant safety knowledge

   Equipment used in processing lines has a high level of safety, but we cannot ignore traditional safety knowledge.

  First: According to the operation procedure of the placement machine, the use of the device, after the safety switch is placed, the switch is turned off.

  Second: the corresponding equipment operators need to be designated, and non-related personnel must not operate the machine.

  Third: Care should be taken to prevent the scalper from opening the reflow oven and to wear gloves.

  Fourth: When the equipment is being maintained, the equipment should be stopped. In special circumstances, multiple monitoring should not be stopped.

  Fifth: In the process of equipment operation or transfer, if an accident occurs, press the emergency stop button quickly, or unplug the power switch to stop the equipment immediately.

  Sixth: Try to avoid direct contact with the skin, use gloves and other tools at work.

  Seventh: When replacing some parts, the machine should be stopped, and the emergency stop button should be locked to prevent others from misoperation.

  Eighth: Open the door and window equipment as little as possible, so that the dust can effectively suck out the ventilation system to keep the air fresh and clean.

  Ninth: The air compressor is regularly inspected and replaced with air compressor oil.

  Tenth: Turn off the main power at work or off.

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