Epoxy resin has risen! PCB factory should prepare for stocking early

- Sep 28, 2019-

 Epoxy resin has risen! PCB factory should prepare for stocking early

Since the beginning of this year, factors such as environmental protection and shutdown have caused the shortage of raw materials in the upstream of PCBs to rise more than one wave. The industry is rumored that there is money to buy goods. A warm reminder of the domestic plate giant Jianye once again caused the industry to panic.


Tips for the plate giants: stocking up early!

On November 27th, Guangdong Jianye Laminate Sales Co., Ltd. issued a warm reminder:

“Epoxy resin prices have risen sharply in October and November due to the shortage of epichlorohydrin and tetrabromobisphenol A. The 2017 Fortune Global Forum was held in Guangzhou in December, when we were in Guangzhou Nansha. The production of the resin plant will be affected, and all chemical products will not be transported at high speed, and the transportation industry will be limited. At present, the price of copper is high, the supply of glass yarn and glass cloth is still in short supply, and the price is still firm.

Based on the above reasons, the majority of users are reminded to do a good job in safety stock preparation in time, and place orders in advance to avoid subsequent supply shortages. ”

Jianye Laminate is a subsidiary of Jianye Chemical, which is mainly engaged in the production of copper clad laminates and upstream copper foil and glass fiber. There are two kinds of copper clad laminate products, epoxy glass fiber copper-clad panel and paper-clad copper panel, and more than 1,200 printed circuit board manufacturers in the downstream. The upstream raw materials are mainly self-supply, including copper foil, bleached wood pulp paper and glass fiber. Cloth, glass yarn, epoxy resin, PVB, etc.

This is a reminder of Jianye, the price of epoxy resin, the price of glass gauze, and the price of CCL will be out of stock! Hurry up to stock! Let some PCBA factories also panic. Prior to this, Jianye issued the price increase notice on August 31, September 6, September 14, and September 30, respectively.


Epoxy resin prices hit a new high in 2012

In fact, the domestic epoxy resin market has shown an upward trend since the third quarter. The cumulative increase in the past one month has reached 30%. The current price has reached a new high since 2012 and is approaching the 2008 high.

According to the news, on November 24, the price of high-end liquid epoxy resin in East China has risen to 26,050 yuan, and the net increase of 1,650 yuan per ton per week has increased by 7%. According to the latest news, the highest market price in East China on the 27th is 29,000 yuan. . From the lowest price of 13,100 yuan in South China to 24,800 yuan in November 17, it has soared nearly 90%!

At present, the price of some enterprises has reached 28,000 yuan, and the price of solid epoxy resin factory has reached about 20,000 yuan.

According to the average monthly price of raw materials, the profit of liquid resin has reached 4,400 yuan, and the profit of solid resin is about 1,100 yuan. Despite the considerable profits, many manufacturers are caught in the situation of “having money and not buying goods”.


As mentioned in the tips of Jianye, the epoxy resin raw materials, epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A, are insanely rising prices, which is the main reason for the continuous increase in the price of epoxy resin.

In the case of epichlorohydrin, due to the environmental shutdown, the supply shortage continues. Domestic environmental protection efforts continue to increase, and production in Huangshan and other regions is limited. The “2+26” cities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and surrounding areas are strict in the control of air pollution in winter. With the implementation of specific measures such as emission reduction, the overall start-up of production enterprises is insufficient. Epoxy resin or epichlorohydrin, the market supply is relatively tight at present, and it is more difficult to increase the overall plant load from upstream to downstream in the short term.

It is understood that in November, Jiangsu Yangnong Group's epichlorohydrin and epoxy resin equipment will be overhauled. Other parking epichlorohydrin plants have no clear restart plan, and the market spot supply is not increasing.

Bisphenol A also rises

Another raw material, bisphenol A, is also in the midst of a crazy price hike due to the anti-dumping sanctions imposed by Thai BPA. In mid-November, the Ministry of Commerce ruled that Thai bisphenol A was dumped. According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on the preliminary ruling on the anti-dumping investigation of imported bisphenol A originating in Thailand on November 9, saying that bisphenol A originating in Thailand is dumped, and the domestic bisphenol A industry is subject to substance. Damage, and there is a causal relationship between dumping and substantial damage, and decided to implement temporary anti-dumping measures in the form of margin. Since November 9, 2017, importers shall, when importing the products under investigation, provide the corresponding customs deposits to the Customs of the People's Republic of China according to the margin ratios of the companies determined in this preliminary decision.

Originally, domestic bisphenol A was tightly supplied, and the Ministry of Commerce ruled that Thailand imported bisphenol A deposits, and there was a sudden stop of bisphenol A. The bisphenol A market continued to skyrocket, and now it is nearing the New Year. Faced with holiday, the shutdown order has been fully implemented, and the tight supply of bisphenol A will continue until the spring of next year.

Affected by the double material high and low operating rate, epoxy resin has continued to rise since September. A number of epoxy resin sales have been publicly displayed in the circle of friends: “The epoxy resin has not been in stock, so please purchase as soon as possible, and All the epoxy resin manufacturers have stopped quoting orders, because there is no completely replaceable product, which directly leads downstream enterprises, and the entire epoxy resin is covered in invisible pressure.

Nowadays, near the end of the year, the New Year, the stoppage order, the shutdown of the factory, the shortage of goods and other factors make it difficult for the epoxy resin to cut prices. The tight supply and demand situation will probably continue until next year. As one of the three major raw materials for copper clad laminates, the high price of epoxy resin also makes the copper clad plate in short supply and the price rises.

PCB inks will also go up!

In addition to the price rise of epoxy resin is higher than a wave, the price is crazy and there is PCB ink. In August, ink companies and other companies launched the first wave of price increases, and after three months, PCB inks ushered in a large wave of price increases:

On November 21, Shenzhen Rongda Photographic Technology Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter: the price adjustment of all products from December 1, 2017: the price of liquid photosensitive solder resist ink was increased by 10%, and the price of liquid photosensitive line ink was increased by 10%;

On November 22, Heyuan Chengzhan Technology Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter: from December 1, 2017, the unit price of all inks increased by 10%;

On November 22nd, Guangzhou Hongtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter: from December 1, 2017, the unit price of all products increased by 10%;

On November 22, Wuxi Debel Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter: from December 1st, liquid photosensitive line ink (photosensitive wet film) rose 15%, liquid photosensitive solder resist ink rose 5%, other special inks rose 10%. The company stressed that this price adjustment is really helpless, and ask customers to understand and support!

On November 22, Jiangsu Guangxin Photographic New Materials Co., Ltd. announced that it will raise the price of all products by 10% from December 1.

On November 22nd, Guangdong Yanmo Technology Co., Ltd. said that with the recent increase in raw materials, the company's operating costs have risen sharply, and the price of all products has increased by 10% since December 1. The company solemnly promises that if the raw material price falls back to the level at the beginning of 2017, the company will take the initiative to withdraw all the gains and return to the original price.

Zhaoqing Yueyang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. also raised the price of all products by 10% from December 1st.

Nanhai District Xinzheng Chemical Co., Ltd. has raised its UV and photosensitive products by more than 10% from November 26. Xinzheng Chemical is the first company to implement price increases in this wave of price increases. The company said that because the price of raw materials is still unstable, it is not excluded to propose price adjustments again. ......

Similar to the reason why the price of epoxy resin is out of stock, the price increase of PCB ink is mainly due to the rising price of raw materials and the shortage of materials due to environmental protection. However, these two phenomena have not seen any break, that is, PCB inks have risen. The price is very likely to be just the beginning.

Other raw materials are not idle, titanium dioxide has risen more than three times, pigments, auxiliaries, emulsions, etc. have risen all the way, the price increase is overwhelming, and there is a huge increase...

5 companies issued price increases:

On October 28th, Huangshan Yixian Yongli Chemical Co., Ltd. announced that the sales price of epoxy resin will increase by 800 yuan per ton from October 26.

On October 30, Anhui Jingcheng New Materials Co., Ltd. announced that the indoor matting agent will increase the price by 20%; the outdoor matting agent will increase the price by 10%.

On October 30, Luohe Xingmao Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. announced that its chlorinated rutile titanium dioxide will be raised by 500 yuan per ton on the basis of the original price, and foreign trade will be raised by 80 dollars.

On October 28th, Zhejiang Xingshun New Materials Co., Ltd. announced that it has raised the price of the existing product Xingshun plastic powder by 1.5 yuan (from 1,500 yuan in total) since November 5.

On October 29, Guangzong County Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd. announced that starting from November 1, 2017, the price of different types of powder will be increased by 1,000-2000 yuan.

Now the second round of central environmental supervision is coming again, and the non-standard factory will stop production for at least three months! These raw materials belonging to the chemical industry are in danger of being shut down.

PCB manufacturer called bitter

Prior to this, the price of other raw materials upstream of the PCB has already entered the price increase state. For example, copper foil, glass yarn, glass cloth, etc. have already been in short supply, and now the rising tide of epoxy resin and ink prices is coming again. In order to alleviate the pressure brought by the rising prices of raw materials, PCB manufacturers have also issued price increases in the second half of the year.

On August 23, Morgan Electronics announced a PCB price increase notice, and the price of new orders will be raised by 15% from now on.

On August 25th, Lianxin Electronics announced a 10% price adjustment notice for the price of the circuit board.

On September 6, Branch Forest Electronics announced that the whole line of products will be raised by 15% from September 6th. The orders for unfinished goods will all be executed at the new unit price, and may increase in the later stage.

On September 8th, Haile Electronics will start to increase the unit price of double-sided circuit boards by 10% and the unit price of four-layer boards by 15%. Orders that have not arrived are cancelled, and the cash order is re-ordered at the latest price.

According to reports, this year, driven by the demand of emerging markets such as automotive electronics, in fact, the domestic PCB industry has prospered, many circuit board companies have hot orders, and many manufacturers' orders have been placed in January and February of 2018. However, the cost of various fields such as sheet and ink has risen, and the profits of the factory have been continuously reduced, which has made the already meager profits even worse. The ever-increasing environmental protection requirements mean that the environmental protection investment of many factories will increase significantly. As a result, behind the hot orders, it is actually a cold and ugly reality.

On the other hand, many PCB equipment manufacturers have also been affected by environmental shutdowns. For example, marble and other materials required for drilling rigs, smashing machines, etc. are seriously out of stock due to environmental protection, shutdown, production and production restrictions. (In the environmental protection, the building materials industry has always been the focus of rectification), equipment factories are difficult to buy even if they have money. This means that PCB manufacturers with full orders are faced with no shortage of materials, and both raw materials and equipment are insufficient.

At present, Shengyi Technology, one of the top three CCL manufacturers in China, has started the expansion plan. On November 2nd, it announced that it plans to invest 2 billion yuan to build a high-reliability and high-layer multi-layer copper clad board project, CCL industry and printed circuit. The plate industry continues to grow steadily. After completion, it is expected to reach an annual output of 30 million CCL. The first phase will be built in 2018 and completed in 2019 and put into operation. The second phase is expected to be built in 2020 and built in 2021. Completed and put into production.

However, on the one hand, the production time is in 2019, and it is unable to alleviate the short-term shortage of demand in the near future. On the other hand, the shortage of raw materials such as epoxy resin and copper foil in the upstream market cannot be alleviated in the short term, and the expansion plan of Shengyi Technology may not be able to be solved. Too much contribution to the recent supply and demand situation in the PCB industry.

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