How can an electronic processing enterprise manage its employees to be stable and steadily

- Sep 28, 2019-

How can an electronic processing enterprise manage its employees to be stable and steadily

Today's electronic processing plants face many problems. This makes entrepreneurs in this industry company a headache. At the beginning of the year, there was a popular saying on the Internet. What was the most difficult thing to do in 2019 was the boss. It is said that the current boss is also the boss in their own company, is also an employee, and is also asking the staff to do a good job, but also must ask the grandfather to tell grandma. Nowadays, the employees have all started to learn to install the uncle, the salary is not high, the work is not dry, there is no need to work overtime, the position is not comfortable, and so on.

Perhaps this is a major feature of society in recent years. Electronic processing plants are generally composed of management and staff. Most of the employees are ordinary employees on the production line. They are not paid well, have no weekends, must work overtime, and their positions are not so comfortable. So how should the management of the electronics processing plant manage them well?

Before answering this question, let me tell you a story. Two wolves walked on the grass and suddenly saw a hare grazing. The older wolf bowed his head and said to the young wolf, "You will catch it back, we will have meat to eat." The young wolf heard the order to lift his legs and rush to the hare. The hare also felt the crisis and ran away. The speed, like the arrow, slammed into the cave under the big tree. The young wolf turned back around the big tree and turned back. The older wolf asked, "How can your speed catch up with a hare? This is not a joke to the wolf." The young wolf is not angry, but smiles and says, "I chase it for a meal. And it is really running for life."

This story tells us that when we work, we must be living, not just to have a place to eat. In this way, our driving force will continue to develop our potential. Let yourself make an unexpected contribution to the company.

So how do we instill this idea into the thinking of our employees? The answer to this question should be able to solve the "how can the management of the electronic processing factory manage its employees well?" The answer is that we must instill the rabbit thinking into the minds of employees and let them know that if they face their current work with a sloppy attitude or a grandfather attitude, then there is only one result, that is, leaving. The company will not leave a person who eats white rice. Moreover, the progress of this employee in the future can be determined as 0%. In other words, if he has been working and living in this way, then five years, ten years, fifteen years, or even thirty or forty years later, he will always be in this state, busy with his own livelihood and still Inaction. This is a bit scary. Of course, we still have another aspect, that is, if employees are dedicated, working for the company, and thinking about the company, then the company will definitely give you the corresponding salary to match the value you created in the company. We will not kill a person because of one's education and one's experience. Our focus is on growth, absorption, and willingness to suffer hard work in the company. When an employee sees hope in the company, He Wei has no hope.

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