How to choose SMT processing plant

- Sep 27, 2019-

How to choose SMT processing plant

SMT processing plants are numerous, and many medium and large companies have quietly launched SMT production lines in order to meet product needs. How do you choose a trusted supplier in many SMT processing plants? This article suggests from the perspective of industry professionals to screen from the following perspectives to ensure that your choice costs are minimal and facilitate long-term cooperation.

Smt processing plant

1. Professional cooperation (Concept of Cooperation)

SMT processing is a link in the whole electronic product manufacturing process. Under the condition that the equipment is highly developed and the management is perfected, the professional cooperation degree of SMT processing factory seems to determine whether your PCBA board can be delivered on time and quality can be controlled. Whether these can be repaired in time, these added value is much higher than the unit price difference between 8% and 9%. How to check the cooperation degree of SMT processing factory? Start with people. Talk to the management and even the boss of the SMT processing plant to see if they have a sincere attitude and belief. In addition, you can also learn about the reputation of the processing plant and the customer cases that have been served through third parties.

2, quality management process (Quality Control)

Many SMT processing plants are struggling to reduce the unit price in the market, at the expense of quality, reducing QC personnel or not equipped with AOI for testing. In the process of evaluating the SMT processing plant, it is necessary to observe in detail and understand whether the IQC, post-inspection, QC and other series of positions in the warehouse are set, whether the equipment of the AOI testing equipment is reasonable, whether it is opened, and the quality management methods of the engineers. Introduction and documentation, etc., only a comprehensive understanding can ensure that your products are processed perfectly.

3. The spirit of management and employees (Work Passion)

The mental outlook of frontline employees and managers determines whether your products can maintain high yields, consistency, etc., because the products are made by people or operating equipment. Whether the communication with the manager is smooth, whether it is passionate, whether the employees are meticulous in their work, and each has their own duties.

4. Give up these unused reviews (Give Up These Audits)

· Look at the size of the factory: Unless your order is enough 100k, any SMT processing plant can do it.

· Look at SMT equipment: Unless the PCB board has very small materials (such as 0201 and below) or complex processes (POP, etc.), general factory SMT equipment can do it.

· Look at the quotation: At first glance, the quotation is slightly outrageous. Negating an SMT processing plant, it is possible that the one that is negated is very good. Everything that dares to speak is capable. If there is a requirement for quality, the initial offer can only be referenced, or even refer to it.

· Look at the chest: Just rely on the SMT processing factory's commitment to the chest, or happy chat, it is emotionally chosen this supplier, which is very risky.

Good companies have long-term stable SMT processing plants, and poor companies are constantly looking for and repeating yesterday's story. It is time to reflect on your own purchasing behavior. Grasping the above methods of selecting SMT processing plants can be beneficial to suppliers' choices.

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