How to clean the residual solder balls of PCBA

- Sep 28, 2019-

How to clean the residual solder balls of PCBA

During PCBA soldering assembly process, it is affected by some uncontrollable factors. After PCBA is soldered, there will be residual tin beads on the board. If there are too many tin beads or the tin beads are too large, it needs to be cleaned. Cleaning and machine cleaning are two ways.

PCBA cleaning machine

1, manual cleaning

Tools for manual cleaning include anti-static brush, wash water, anti-static gloves, etc., by applying special wash water and then using a brush to clean the tin beads, but not for Some high-end products.

2, machine cleaning

The tin beads on the PCBA can also be cleaned using a machine, such as an ultrasonic cleaner, a PCBA water washer, etc., and the machine cleaning is relatively thorough, which can effectively ensure the quality of the PCBA board.

The cleaning of the tin beads on the PCBA board depends on the type of components to determine the cleaning method. Some are not suitable for cleaning the machine. In this case, manual cleaning can be used.

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