How to prevent others from copying your PCB board?

- Dec 25, 2019-

How to prevent others from copying your PCB board?

   Summary of content: Today I read the article "How to copy a board", now let's talk about "how to prevent copying a board": 1. Grind the film and use a fine sandpaper to grind away the model on the chip. The chip for the partial door is more effective;

   Today I read the article "How to Copy Boards", now let's talk about "How to prevent copy boards":

   1. Grind the chip, use the fine sandpaper to grind away the model on the chip. For the chip of partial door, it is more useful;

   2. Sealant, use the solidified glue to cover the PCB and the components on it. It can also deliberately make five or six flying leads (the thin enameled wires are best) and twist them together to make a copy. The process of removing the glue by the board will inevitably break the flying leads and do not know how to connect. It should be noted that the glue must not be corrosive and the heat generation in the closed area is small;

   3. Use a dedicated encryption chip;

   4, using unbreakable chips, but there are costs to pay;

   5. Using MASKIC, in general, MASKIC is much more difficult to crack than programmable chips; MASK (mask): The single-chip mask refers to the program data that has been made into a lithographic plate, and the program is included in the process of the single-chip production. The advantages are: the program is reliable and the cost is low. Disadvantages: large batch requirements, each time you modify the program, you need to redo the lithography plate, different programs cannot be produced at the same time, and the lead time is long.

   6. Using bare chips, thieves can't see the model and don't know the wiring. But the function of the chip should not be too easy to guess, it is better to put some other things in the black plastic, such as small IC, resistors, etc .;

   7. Connect a resistance of more than 60 ohms in series on the signal line with low current (make the on / off range of the multimeter do not ring);

   8. Use small components without words (or only some code names) to participate in signal processing, such as small chip capacitors, TO-XX diodes, transistors, three to six pin small chips, etc .;

   9. Cross some addresses and data lines (except for RAM, change them back in software);

   10. The PCB uses buried and blind hole technology to make the vias hidden in the board. This method is relatively costly and is only applicable to high-end products, increasing the difficulty of copying the board;

   11. Use other special customized accessories;

   12. Apply for a patent. In view of the poor environmental protection of intellectual property rights, the most preferred method abroad can only be put on the last one.

   Finally, any measure can only delay the time of committing the crime, and can't prevent copying. Only by finding its absolute advantage, forming a technological breakpoint, and being able to open source bravely, can it be a great company like Google.

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