How to prevent wrong materials in smt patch processing

- Sep 27, 2019-

How to prevent wrong materials in smt patch processing

In the SMT patch processing industry, people encounter the wrong SMT patch materials in operation, which is also a headache for many SMT patch processing factories, and people are exhausted. So where can we reduce this error?

Solution 1: It is recommended to implement a systematic feeding management mode when funds permit. You can purchase and install the IT system lean engineering IMS system, and you can control the SMT patch material to perform system scanning inspection. If there is any error, you can A time alarm notification can also control the loss of materials, production progress, and its powerful function, depending on how you use it. Can you hear your heart? Don't worry, install IT system lean engineering IMS system is very expensive, around 50W.

Solution 2: The SMT patch processing factory needs to establish a set of SMT patch material management mode. It must first learn from the manager's board of directors, make full use of the operators' due diligence, and carry out inspections, operations, and re-inspection. Incentives such as disciplinary action, discoverer awards, etc.

In conclusion, most SMT patching equipments in SMT patching factories now have high-speed sticking machines. If errors occur, it is difficult to repair small SMT chip components in batches, and the cost of scrapping is also large, so many SMTs The patch processing factory can't afford to hurt, so start with the manager.

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