Introduction of ywt series super active chemical copper deposition technology

- Jan 14, 2020-

Introduction of ywt series super active chemical copper deposition technology


I. overview

This YWY series of ultra active chemical copper deposition technology includes the synthesis, cylinder matching and analysis and detection methods of reagents. It is developed for chemical copper and nickel deposition of circuit board components and plastic. It is suitable for copper and nickel sinking process of circuit board (PCB) hole metallization and plastic (ABS parts) decoration. Based on the current industry production line process and operation, it has some innovations, specifically reflected in the small amount of palladium chloride, which can save more than 85%, high copper sinking speed, stable cylinder fluid, and eliminate the effect of cylinder opening.


II. Technical points

The super active chemical cupramming drug is a kind of super active product. Its performance is excellent, stable, long service life, superior to the products used in the current market and low cost. Its characteristics are mainly reflected in the whole hole, activation and copper deposition. The one liter line of the laboratory shows that the three agents need to be used together, otherwise, the coordination is not good.


Ywy-63 pore finishing agent (degreasing agent):


The agent is specially used for cleaning and leveling the PCB surface and the hole, with mild operating conditions (45-50 ), which can effectively provide and adjust the hole wall charge, and absorb palladium catalyst to the maximum extent and evenly.


Ywy-66 activation sensitizer:


It is a kind of super active acidic colloidal palladium activation sensitizing solution. Its characteristic is that the particle size of the palladium particle in the colloidal palladium activation sensitizing solution is super small, which is close to the atomic state, so it has high activity, good stability (2 years), long service cycle (the condition is suitable, the copper ion does not exceed the standard, and the cylinder can not be opened), relatively small amount (about 1 / 10 of the same kind of product, calculated by palladium chloride), and palladium particle can be evenly adsorbed on the substrate of the plating piece, forming the The dense active colloidal palladium coating is used as catalyst and crystal core in the reaction of copper and nickel deposition.


Compared with a large number of domestic and foreign literatures and several pharmaceutical suppliers, the concentration of palladium chloride in the activation tank is 250-380mg / L, while the concentration of palladium chloride in the activation tank of ywy-66 is only 24-36mg / L. therefore, the comprehensive performance of ywy-66 exceeds that of similar products in the market. Moreover, the process control conditions of the production process are wide and the tank liquid is stable.


Ywy-68 copper precipitant:


Compared with the corresponding agents in the current market, the agent has the characteristics of high stability, rapid copper precipitation, no cylinder opening effect (according to the application practice, several big brands are used in the current market, and the cylinder opening effect exists in the copper precipitation agent), dense copper precipitation layer, and its performance is superior to the products in the current market. At the same time, it is easy to operate and control.


III. technical status

The technology has passed the production line, is a fully mature industrial technology, can be assured of application.

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