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- Jan 05, 2017-


Circuit Board Electronic Pcb


Internally Pcbnew supports up to 32 copper layers and 32 technical layers. Dimensions are stored with nanometer precision in signed 32 bit integers making the theoretical maximum PCB dimension 2^31 nm or approximately 2.14 meters.

Currently Pcbnew is being heavily refactored including getting a new rendering engine (called the graphics abstraction layer or GAL) with OpenGL and Cairo back ends. Pcbnew is also getting a new tool framework to more easily allow developers to add tools without having to deal with supporting multiple renderers. Due to this some tools are only available on the legacy XOR based renderer and some are only available with the GAL renderers.

KiCad has a built-in autorouter for basic, single connections. Alternatively, the open source (but discontinued) Java-based FreeRouting can be used to externally autoroute boards.

A DRC (design rules check) is available to check for common logical errors.

The 3D PCB viewing function is based on VRML models and the board model can be exported for CAD integration.

Some recent additions follow.

An interactive router which features the ability to walk around existing traces in the way, or shove existing traces into a different position while maintaining their connectivity.

High speed PCB routing tools such as track length matching and differential pair support.

Python scripting support.

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