List of integrated circuit packaging types-Ball grid array-PCB

- Jan 09, 2017-

List of integrated circuit packaging

types-Ball grid array-PCB

Ball grid array

Main article: Ball grid array

Ball Grid Array BGA uses the underside of the package to place pads with balls of solder in grid pattern as connections to PCB.

AcronymFull nameRemark
FBGAFine Pitch Ball Grid Arraya square or rectangular array of solder balls on one surface
LBGALow Profile Ball Grid Arrayalso known as Laminate Ball Grid Array
TEPBGAThermally Enhanced Plastic Ball Grid Array-
CBGACeramic Ball Grid Array -
OBGAOrganic Ball Grid Array -
TFBGAThin Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array -
PBGAPlastic Ball Grid Array -
MAP-BGAMold Array Process - Ball Grid Array -
UCSPMicro (μ) Chip Scale Packagesimilar to a BGA (A Maxim trademark example)
μBGAMicro-Ball Grid Arraywith ball spacing less than 1 mm
LFBGALow Profile Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array -
TBGAThin Ball Grid Array -
SBGASuper Ball Grid Array above 500 Pin count
UFBGAUltra Fine Ball Grid Aarray example

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