List of integrated circuit packaging types-Chip carrier-PCB

- Jan 09, 2017-

List of integrated circuit packaging

types-Chip carrier-PCB

Chip carrier

A chip carrier is a rectangular package with contacts on all four edges. Leaded chip carriers have metal leads wrapped around the edge of the package, in the shape of a letter J. Leadless chip carriers have metal pads on the edges. Chip carrier packages may be made of ceramic or plastic and are usually secured to a printed circuit board by soldering, though sockets can be used for testing.

AcronymFull nameRemark
BCCBump Chip Carrier -
CLCCCeramic Leadless Chip Carrier -
LCCLeadless Chip Carrier Contacts are recessed vertically.
LCCLeaded Chip Carrier -
LCCCLeaded Ceramic Chip Carrier -
DLCCDual Lead-Less Chip Carrier (Ceramic) -
PLCCPlastic Leaded Chip Carrier -

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