List of integrated circuit packaging types-Flat packages-PCB

- Jan 09, 2017-

List of integrated circuit packaging

types-Flat packages-PCB

Flat packages

Main article: Quad Flat Package
AcronymFull nameRemark
-FlatpackEarliest version metal/ceramic packaging with flat leads
CFPCeramic Flat Pack -
CQFPCeramic Quad Flat-Pack, similar to PQFP -
BQFPBumpered Quad Flat Pack -
DFNDual Flat PackNo Lead 
ETQFPExposed Thin Quad Flat Package -
PQFNPower Quad Flat-PackNo-leads, with exposed die-pad[s] for heatsinking 
PQFPPlastic Quad Flat Package -
LQFPLow-profile Quad Flat Package -
QFNQuad Flat No LeadsAlso called as micro lead frame (MLF).
QFPQuad Flat Package -
MQFPMetric Quad Flat PackQFP with metric pin distribution 
HVQFNHeat-sink Very-thin Quad Flat-pack No-leads-
TQFPThin Quad Flat Pack -
TQFNThin Quad Flat No-Lead-
VQFPVery-thin Quad Flat Pack -
ODFNOptical Dual Flat No-LeadIC packaged in transparent packaging used in optical sensor

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