List of integrated circuit packaging types-Small outline packages-PCB

- Jan 09, 2017-

List of integrated circuit packaging types-

Small outline packages-PCB

Small outline packages

AcronymFull nameRemark
SOPSmall Outline Package-
CSOPCeramic Small Outline Package-
HSOPThermally Enhanced Small-Outline Package-
MSOPMini Small-Outline Package-
PSOPPlastic Small-Outline Package -
PSONPlastic Small-Outline No-Lead Package-
QSOPQuarter-Size Small-Outline PackageThe pin spacing are width of 0.635 mm.
SOICSmall Outline Integrated CircuitAlso known as SOIC NARROW and SOIC WIDE
SSOPShrink Small-Outline Package -
TSOPThin Small-Outline Package Example
TSSOPThin Shrink Small Outline Package -
TVSOPThin Very Small-Outline Package -
µMAX-Similar to a SOIC. (A Maxim trademark example)
WSONVery Very Thin Small Outline No Lead Package-

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