Memory card connector-printed circuit board

- Feb 27, 2017-

Memory card connector-printed circuit board

Memory card connector

A memory card connector includes an insulating housing defining conductive terminal grooves and two locating grooves at a sidewall there of. A shelter shell coupled with the insulating housing to form a card cavity has a top section and two side sections. A front surface of the top section extends frontward and then extends downward to form two anti-mismating portions adjacent to the two side sections. The two anti-mismating portions have different width and vertical length. Conductive terminals are fixed in the conductive terminal grooves and soldered to a printed circuit board (PCB) for electrically engaging with corresponding contacts of a memory card inserted into the card cavity. A pair of switch terminals mounted in the locating grooves and soldered to the printed circuit board. One switch terminal is pressed outward by the memory card fully inserted into the card cavity, which causes the two switch terminals to contact with each other for grounding.

Recently, electronic devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, cellular phones, etc., are required with larger capacity of storage to store data. A memory card, such as a Micro SD card, a MMC card, etc., which has larger capacity of storage and a small size, is extensively used to expend the capacity of storage of the electronic devices. The data transmission between the electronic device and the memory card is through a memory card connector mounted on a PCB of the electronic device for connecting with the memory card. The memory card connector has an insulating housing; the insulating housing includes a receiving cavity for receiving the memory card and a plurality of grooves for respectively receiving a plurality of terminals. One end of the terminal forms a soldering portion for being soldered to the PCB and the other end of each terminal forms a connecting portion for mating with the memory card. A metallic cover couples with the insulating housing. The memory card is inserted and held in the receiving cavity of the memory card connector for being used in storing various data and taken by the electronic device as a recording medium. If not in use, the inserted memory card can be pulled out from the receiving cavity of the memory card connector.

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