Molded plastic-Potting-Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Dec 29, 2016-

Molded plastic-Potting-Custom Design

Circuit Board Electronic Pcb

Molded plastic

Molded plastic cases and structural parts can be made by a variety of methods, offering tradeoffs in piece part cost, tooling cost, mechanical and electrical properties, and ease of assembly. Examples are injection molding, transfer molding, vacuum forming, and die cutting. Pl can be post-processed to provide conductive surfaces when confused.


Main article: Potting (electronics)

Formally called "encapsulation", potting consists of immersing the part or assembly in a liquid resin, and then curing it. Potting can be done in a pre-molded potting shell, or directly in a mold. Today it is most widely used to protect semiconductor components from moisture and mechanical damage, and to serve as a mechanical structure holding the lead frame and the chip together. In earlier times it was often used to discourage reverse engineering of proprietary products built as printed circuit modules. It is also commonly used in high voltage products to allow live parts to be placed much closer together, so that the product can be smaller; also, to keep dirt and conductive contaminants such as impure water out of sensitive areas. Another use is to protect deep-submergence items such as sonar transducers from collapsing under extreme pressure, by filling all voids.[disambiguation needed] Potting can be rigid or soft. When void-free potting is required, it's common practice to place the product in a vacuum chamber while the resin is still liquid, hold a vacuum for several minutes to draw the air out of internal cavities and the resin itself, then release the vacuum. Atmospheric pressure collapses the voids and forces the liquid resin into all internal spaces. Vacuum potting works best with resins that cure by polymerization, rather than solvent evaporation.

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