MT chip processing equipment high speed features

- Sep 19, 2019-

MT chip processing equipment "high speed" features

With the rapid development of SMT chip processing, not only the size of components is getting smaller and smaller, the density of SMT chip components is getting higher and higher, but also new packaging forms are being introduced, in order to adapt to high-density and difficult circuit board assembly technology. The need for placement machines is moving toward high speed, high precision, versatility and modularity, and intelligence. Next, SMT patch processing factory Shenzhen Peng Zexiang Technology Co., Ltd. will explain in detail the characteristics of the high speed development direction of SMT placement machine.

High speed of chip processing equipment

1 "Flight alignment" technology. The flight alignment technology mounts the CCD image sensor directly on the placement head and moves together to optically center the component during the process of moving to the placement position of the printed circuit board after picking up the device.


2 high speed SMT placement machine modular

3 double-way conveying structure. Under the performance of the traditional single-channel placement machine, the PCB transportation, positioning, detection, etc. are designed as a two-way structure. The working mode of the two-way structure placement machine can be divided into synchronous mode and asynchronous mode. When the synchronous mode is running, the device placement of two printed boards of the same size is completed; when the asynchronous board is running, when one printed board is being mounted, the other printed board is transferred, the reference is aligned, and the bad board is completed. Check the steps to increase the productivity of the SMT processing plant.

Automatic nozzle conversion function. Some companies in Japan and Europe have made improvements to the placement head of the new placement machine, such as the turntable and the double nozzle structure. The turntable structure automatically replaces the required nozzles during the movement of the placement head, and can simultaneously take in multiple components during a pick and place process, reducing the number of times the placement arm moves back and forth, thereby improving the working efficiency of the SMT placement machine.

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