Multi-chip module-Chip stack MCMs-Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Jan 07, 2017-

Multi-chip module-Chip stack MCMs-Design

Circuit Board Electronic Pcb

Chip stack MCMs

A relatively new development in MCM technology is the so-called "chip-stack" package. Certain ICs, memories in particular, have very similar or identical pinouts when used multiple times within systems. A carefully designed substrate can allow these dies to be stacked in a vertical configuration making the resultant MCM's footprint much smaller (albeit at the cost of a thicker or taller chip). Since area is more often at a premium in miniature electronics designs, the chip-stack is an attractive option in many applications such as cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). After a thinning process, as many as ten dies can be stacked to create a high capacity SD memory card.

Examples of MCM technologies

  • IBM Bubble memory MCMs (1970s)

  • IBM 3081 mainframe's thermal conduction module (1980s)

  • Intel Pentium Pro, Pentium D Presler , Xeon Dempsey and Clovertown, Core 2 Quad (Kentsfield and Yorkfield), Clarkdale, Arrandale, and Haswell-H

  • Sony memory sticks

  • Xenos, a GPU designed by ATI Technologies for the Xbox 360, with eDRAM

  • POWER2, POWER4, POWER5 and POWER7 from IBM

  • z196 from IBM

  • AMD processors for Socket G34

  • Nintendo's Wii U has its CPU, GPU, and onboard VRAM (integrated into the GPU) on one MCM.[4]

  • VIA Nano

  • Flash and RAM memory combined on a PoP by Micron

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