ODB++-Adoption-Potential resolution-circuit board pcb

- Jan 09, 2017-

ODB++-Adoption-Potential resolution-

circuit board pcb


Potential resolution

Critics of the proprietary nature of ODB++ point to several more open formats as models for a future consensus format:

  • Gerber Format: Although nominally proprietary to Ucamco, its specification has always been open and freely downloadable making it de facto an open standard. The introduction of attributes with Gerber X2 in late 2014 added "intelligence" to the format (layer structure, pad functions and CAD netlist).

  • IPC-2511 ("GenCAM") which resulted from a donation of certain technologies by Teradyne/GenRAD to IPC.

  • IPC-2581 ("Offspring") an attempt to merge GenCAM with ODB++(X). The specification can be downloaded freely. In 2011, an industry consortium was created to support it, motivated in part by frustration with the proprietary nature of ODB++. Cadence Design Systems, Zuken, Artwork Conversion Software and the owners of Gerber format, Ucamco, joined it, but, initially, not Mentor. However, in 2012, Mentor did join. This, combined with the 2012 announcement by Zuken that it would join the ODB++ Solutions Alliance, creates the possibility that PCB designers will have a choice of format no matter which EDA tool they choose.

  • OpenAccess, which resulted from a transfer of certain technologies by Cadence to the Si2 organization. Although it was originally designed for integrated circuits, it is now finding application for IC package and PCB design also.

  • JPCA-EB02 ("Fujiko") based on work by Prof. Tomokage of Fukuoka University.

  • EDIF - Electronic Design Interchange Format

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