Overview of PCB and PCB Advantages

- May 22, 2018-

In the 21st century, the emergence and development of PCBs have brought about major reforms in the electronics industry, which has greatly promoted the replacement of electronic products. So what is PCB, where is the advantage of its rapid development?

1. What is a PCB?

PCB is the abbreviation of English Printed Circuit Board, Chinese is translated into printed circuit board, abbreviated as printed board. The printed circuit board is on an insulating substrate, and a mounting hole is formed at a predetermined position, and pads for assembling and soldering electronic components and connecting wires are arranged to realize the electrical connection between the components and the assembly board, so that the circuit board realizes the intended design function. .

2.PCB advantages:

(1) Efficient production:

PCB can realize the electrical connection among each component in the circuit, replace the complicated wiring, have reduced the wiring work amount under the traditional way, have simplified the welding, assembling, debugging work of the electronic product.

(2) Reliability and miniaturization:

The volume of electronic products has been reduced, product costs have been reduced, and the reliability and product quality of electronic devices have been improved.

(3) Production standardization:

With good product unit interchangeability, it can adopt standardized design, which is conducive to the mechanization of welding and the automation of production, improving the production efficiency.

(4) Good maintenance and interchangeability:

The components of the equipment have good mechanical properties and electrical properties, enabling the electronic equipment to achieve assembly line production, so that the printed circuit board assembled and debugged as a spare part facilitates the exchange and maintenance of the entire product.

It is because of the four major advantages of PCB, PCB has been widely used in the manufacture of electronic products. Without PCB, there is no rapid development of modern electronic information industry. Shenzhen Sunsoar Circuit Technology will also continue to improve the manufacturing process to provide customers with better service.

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