PCB Board design and test

- Jun 17, 2016-

PCB board design and testing

Under the increasingly complex requirements of large-size backplanes, operating in full-time high-bandwidth, resulting in unconventional PCB manufacturing line equipment and processing power requirements. In particular, the back is bigger, heavier and thicker, requiring more than just standard PCB layers and perforations. In addition, there is a need for increasingly complex hybrid bus structures and line widths and tolerances required for assembly techniques. The rear panel always has the expertise of the products in PCB manufacturing. It is designed to be very different from most other boards and requires production to meet some stringent requirements. Noise tolerance also requires backplane design and signal integrity to meet specific design principles. The rear panel function leads to huge differences in manufacturing requirements such as equipment specifications and equipment processing. Shenzhen Sunsoar Tech Co.,Ltd is one of the professional PCBA manufacturers certified by the National High-tech. It draws on Foxconn's production management experience and combines the orders of foreign customers to help customers realize the trial production from sample to batch production. The station supply chain, which provides component procurement, program burning, PCBA testing, and housing assembly, helps customers save product development costs and shorten product development cycles. If you have problems with production and needs, you can contact pcb@sunsoartech.com directly.

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