PCB calculation The general formula of PCB calculation in the industry The general formula of PCB unit price calculation

- Apr 25, 2020-

PCB calculation The general formula of PCB calculation in the industry The general formula of PCB unit price calculation

pcb calculation

Pcb price calculation often makes some buyers who are not familiar with PCB manufacturers have a headache. You can refer to the following formula:

The calculation formula of the PCB board (1 square meter = 10000CM, 1 square meter = 10000MM)

PCB board formula: length * width * unit price / puzzle

·Double panel (FR4 0.6-1.2MM) 450 / sqm

· Four-layer board (FR4 0.8-1.2MM) 850 / m2

· Six-layer board (FR4 1.6MM) 1350 / sqm

·Single panel (FR4 0.6-1.2MM) 300 / sqm

· Pearl cotton formula: length * thickness * how much is one square * tax rate

·Carton formula: (length + width +2) * (width + height + 1) * unit price * 2 divided by 1000

· Flat card: (length +0.5 ") * (width +0.5") * unit price / 1000

· Beer Box "(Length + Width + 1") * (Width + Height + 1 ") * 2 * Unit Price / 1000

PE bag calculation formula (MM / 25.4, CM * 2.54, 1CM = 2.54)

Length * width * thickness * density (2.62) * unit price / 1000


Formula for converting volume to weight-

Length (MM) * Width (MM) * Thickness (MM) * Specific gravity / 6th power of 10 * 1000 is equal to how many G


Mold cost analysis = material fee + spring fee + screw fee + side nail fee + heat treatment fee + small guide column fee + large guide column fee + standard part fee + processing fee


The quotation formula of hardware tools:-

Single punch die quote (HK) = <lower template V * 7.9 * Price * 3 + wire cutting, hardware, die base>

Continuous mold quotation (HK) = <lower template V * 7.9 * Price * 4 + wire cutting, hardware, mold base>

SUS shrapnel mold quote = <lower template V * 7.9 * Price * 4 + wire cutting, hardware, mold base>

Calculation formula for accounting sales: Tax amount = income including tax amount / (1 + tax rate or collection rate)

Tax calculation formula: Tax amount = total income including tax-sales-

Unit price without tax calculation formula: unit price without tax = number of sales / quantity

Sample PCB quotation and price calculation method

There are many factors that make up the price of PCB. Even the veteran of the electronics manufacturer, it is very difficult to make purchases very clear. If you are just getting started, you can only compare it with the previous board quotes. It is also difficult to quote a very standard price for the business that has just entered the circuit board factory without knowing the factors that make up the PCB price. The author who has been engaged in engineering and marketing for many years in the circuit board industry QQ673401027 will give everyone one answer here, welcome to communicate.

We mainly describe the various technical factors that make up the price of the model PCB. Other factors that affect the cost of PCB manufacturing will not be explained one by one. The role and quality positioning of PCB board manufacturers and so on. The prerequisite for our explanation is a model PCB quote from a relatively fixed cooperative PCB supplier. In addition, batch circuit board quotations will be explained in another article.

The first thing that affects the cost of the model PCB is whether it is expedited, because the proofing requires time constraints, which is very related to this factor. If the general single-sided model is to be delivered within 24 hours, it may be charged An expedited fee of 200 yuan.

.Invoice costs, some electronics factories have very formal financial procedures, so every purchase item needs to provide invoices. Everyone knows very well that the invoices are taxed, so circuit board manufacturers generally also pay the price Add this invoice tax.

.Express delivery costs, companies with long-term cooperation and close geographical areas will provide free delivery for drivers, but far-away areas and small amounts of cooperation will use courier delivery methods. Ordinary courier services are generally free of charge, and the price of Shunfeng Express is relatively high. Shipping charges may be charged. For specific shipping prices, see the website of the express company.

.Flying probe test costs, generally the number of samples is small and the data is simple. Most of them are not flying test or flying test is free of charge. When the data is very complicated and the number is large, it will occupy the circuit board manufacturer's machine time, so flying test is There will also be charges.

The cost of surface treatment is very different due to the different surface treatment costs of circuit boards. For example, the gold of immersion gold is very expensive. Therefore, the price of the immersion gold process board is generally about 100 yuan higher than the circuit board of the common tin-spraying process. .

.Ink costs, most of the solder mask character inks used in the production of PCB are green oil white letters and ordinary inks. If there are special requirements when the board is made and the order quantity is very small, the manufacturer will waste a lot of inks, so it is used. The price may be several tens of dollars higher when the words are not green or white or when a certain brand of ink is specified.

.Board fee, this is mainly the size of the PCB board, the larger the size of the PCB board, the more PCB substrate is consumed, and the PCB substrate is the largest piece of raw material expenditure in circuit board production, so the general price calculation is based on The size is multiplied by the fixed plate fee coefficient.

. Other costs such as fixed engineering costs and film costs, the price base of film costs is unchanged, but the more circuit board layers, the more film sheets are consumed, so the cost will also be higher, and the project cost is mainly Involved in the processing of engineering materials and the production of production tools, the longer the production time of the board with more layers, the higher the engineering fee will be charged, but this fee is generally fixed.

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