Pcb circuit board wiring method

- Sep 18, 2019-

Pcb circuit board wiring method

The wiring refers to the layout of the connections between the circuits in the whole machine and between the smt chip components. The rationality of the wiring process directly affects the performance and reliability of the whole machine. Therefore, the wiring process should be emphasized in the whole machine production process.

1. The order of wiring.

There are many internal connections of complex electronic products. In order to ensure the quality of the transfer of the whole machine and make the connection orderly, the wiring operation should be performed from left to right, from bottom to top, and from inside to outside.

2, wiring processing points.

1 The fixed wiring inside the machine should be as close as possible to the bottom plate. The vertical direction should be tightly along the frame corner or the panel, so that it has an attachment according to the structure, which is convenient for mechanical fixing. For wire harnesses that must be passed overhead, they should be supported by special brackets and must not be shaken in the air.

When the 2 wire harness passes through the metal hole, a rubber bushing or a special plastic molding strip should be embedded in the hole in advance, or the polyvinyl chloride tape may be wrapped around the perforated portion of the wire. When the shielded conductor exposed to the shield is close to the component lead or jumps over the printed wiring, the insulating sleeve shall be partially or completely covered with the shielded conductor to prevent short circuit.

3 In order to facilitate and improve the grounding of the circuit, a common ground wire is generally used. The common ground wire is usually made of a single-core tinned bare copper wire, which is connected to the base by a suitable grounding lug, and at the same time serves to fix the position of the common ground. The shape of the common ground line depends on the actual needs of the various contacts of the circuit, and the grounding wire should be the shortest and most convenient, and does not constitute a closed loop.

4 In order to improve the ability of the wire harness to resist external magnetic field interference and reduce the interference of the long-circuit loop to the outside, a cross-twist wiring method is usually adopted. The wiring of a single loop crosses in the middle and the areas on both sides of the loop are equal. In a uniform magnetic field, the induced potentials of the left and right meshes are equal and opposite, so the induced potential of the entire loop is zero. In a non-uniform magnetic field, the two lines of a longer loop should be given multiple crossings (commonly known as twisted wires) so that the induced potential of the magnetic field in the long-circuit loop is also zero.

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