PCB industry picks up, peak operations climb seasonally

- Dec 13, 2019-

PCB industry picks up, peak operations climb seasonally

abstract:The printed circuit board industry is picking up. Coupled with the new kinetic energy of the client-side board, Jiandian Technology is optimistic on the 24th that the traditional off-season is the bottom of the year. Operations will also heat up seasonally. growing up.

Except for the printed circuit board (PCB) business, in the field of drill pins and drill pin foundry, Sharp Point said that the cutting tool business in the non-PCB field has emerged from the fourth quarter of last year, and accounted for 14% of revenue in the quarter and turned a profit. Also note that the overall gross profit margin will be the driving force to push up this year's revenue and challenge the record high in 2015. 

Sharp points are optimistic about the development of cutting tool business with a higher gross profit margin in the aerospace, automotive, and 3C sectors, which jumped in the fourth quarter of last year and already accounted for 9% of the total revenue. It remained fully loaded in the first quarter of this year and also contributed to overall revenue better than the same period last year. . 

After the tool business came out of the low tide, the sharp point in the fourth quarter of last year ’s revenue and gross profit margin reached new highs in the last five and four quarters, driving the net profit after tax of 73.53 million yuan in the fourth quarter of last year, which also reached a new high in the fourth quarter and increased 2.77%, 34.93% less than the same period of the previous year, and EPS reached 0.46 yuan. 

However, the sharp point emphasizes that the first season is still the traditional off-season and will decline from the previous quarter. The monthly production capacity of the drill bit business is 21 million pieces, and the 90% crop rate can be maintained. The drilling OEM is still relatively low. 

Sharp January revenue was 282 million yuan, the second highest in the same period of the year, with a monthly decrease of 9.71% and an annual increase of 7%. 

In addition to the expected growth of the cutting tool business this year, the market research unit also predicts that the PCB industry's prosperity can also recover from last year's recession and resume its growth. In particular, Apple's new iPhone is generally sold by market expectations, and many heavyweight customers are also striving Apple's push for a carrier-like process is expected to benefit from laser drilling foundry business.

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