PCBA chip processing process control

- Sep 19, 2019-

PCBA chip processing process control

In PCBA chip processing, the solder paste, patch glue, and component loss should be managed in a fixed amount as one of the key process control contents. Pcba processing and production directly affects the quality of the product, so it is necessary to control the process parameters, processes, personnel, equipment, materials, processing inspection, workshop environment and other factors.

Key positions should have a clear job responsibility system. Pcb operators should be strictly trained and certified to work. Pcb manufacturers should have a formal production management method, such as the implementation of the first inspection, self-inspection, mutual inspection and inspection system of inspectors. If the previous inspection fails, it cannot be transferred to the next process.


1. Product batch management. The non-conforming product control procedures shall clearly define the isolation, identification, recording, review and handling of non-conforming products. Usually the SMA should not be repaired more than three times, and the repair of the components should not exceed two.

2. Maintenance and maintenance of Pcb manufacturing equipment. The key equipment should be checked by the full-time maintenance personnel, so that the equipment is always in good condition, the equipment status is tracked and monitored, problems are discovered in time, corrective and preventive measures are taken, and maintenance and repair are carried out in time.

3. Production environment

1 Water and electricity supply.

2 pcba production line environment requirements ---- temperature, humidity, noise, cleanliness.

3 pcba site (including component library) anti-static system.

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