PCI Express (standard)-Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Feb 08, 2017-

PCI Express (standard)-Custom Design Circuit

Board Electronic Pcb

Form factors

PCI Express (standard)

Various slots on a computer motherboard, from top to bottom:
  • PCI Express ×4

  • PCI Express ×16

  • PCI Express ×1

  • PCI Express ×16

  • Legacy PCI (32-bit, 5 V)

A PCI Express card fits into a slot of its physical size or larger (with ×16 as the largest used), but may not fit into a smaller PCI Express slot; for example, a ×16 card may not fit into a ×4 or ×8 slot. Some slots use open-ended sockets to permit physically longer cards and negotiate the best available electrical and logical connection.

The number of lanes actually connected to a slot may also be fewer than the number supported by the physical slot size. An example is a ×16 slot that runs at ×4, which will accept any ×1, ×2, ×4, ×8 or ×16 card, but provides only four lanes. Its specification may read as "×16 (×4 mode)", while "×size @ ×speed" notation ("×16 @ ×4") is also common. The advantage is that such slots can accommodate a larger range of PCI Express cards without requiring motherboard hardware to support the full transfer rate.

The cards themselves are designed and manufactured in various sizes. For example, solid-state drives (SSDs) that come in the form of PCI Express cards often use HHHL (half height, half length) and FHHL (full height, half length) to describe the physical dimensions of the card.


The following table identifies the conductors on each side of the edge connector on a PCI Express card. The solder side of the printed circuit board (PCB) is the A side, and the component side is the B side.[11] PRSNT1# and PRSNT2# pins must be slightly shorter than the rest, to ensure that a hot-plugged card is fully inserted. The WAKE# pin uses full voltage to wake the computer, but must be pulled high from the standby power to indicate that the card is wake capable.

Professional Manufactur Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb

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