Photoimageable thick-film technology-Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Feb 07, 2017-

Photoimageable thick-film technology-

Circuit Board Electronic Pcb

Photoimageable thick-film technology

Progress for photoimageable thick film

Photoimageable thick-film technology is a combination of conventional thick film technology with elements of thin film technology, and it provides a low cost solution to producing high quality microwave circuits. The ability to directly photoimage the printed layers means that the technology can provide the high line and gap resolution required by high frequency planar components. It provides a feasible fabrication process to produce circuits operating at microwave and millimetre-wave frequencies. Circuits made using this technology meet the modern requirements for high density packaging, whilst yielding the high quality components required for very high frequency applications, including wireless communication, radar and measurement systems.

This technology also enables both single-layer and multi-layer filters to be produced conveniently. Furthermore, recent work has shown that this technology is capable of realizing the circuit quality necessary for high performance microwave components.

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