Printed circuit assemblies-Circuit Board Electronic Pcb​

- Dec 29, 2016-

Printed circuit assemblies-Circuit Board

Electronic Pcb

Hermetic ceramic packages

Packages consisting of a lead frame embedded in a vitreous paste layer between flat ceramic top and bottom covers are more convenient than metal/glass packages for some products, but give equivalent performance. Examples are integrated circuit chips in ceramic Dual In-line Package form, or complex hybrid assemblies of chip components on a ceramic base plate. This type of packaging can also be divided into two main types: multilayer ceramic packages (like LTCC and HTCC) and pressed ceramic packages.

Printed circuit assemblies

Printed circuits are primarily a technology for connecting components together, but they also provide mechanical structure. In some products, such as computer accessory boards, they're all the structure there is. This makes them part of the universe of electronic packaging.

Design considerations

An engineer or designer must balance many objectives and practical considerations when selecting packaging methods.

  • Hazards to be protected against: mechanical damage, exposure to weather and dirt, electromagnetic interference, etc.

  • Heat dissipation requirements

  • Tradeoffs between tooling capital cost and per-unit cost

  • Tradeoffs between time to first delivery and production rate

  • Availability and capability of suppliers

  • User interface design and convenience

  • Ease of access to internal parts when required for maintenance

  • Product safety, and compliance with regulatory standards

  • Aesthetics, and other marketing considerations

  • Service life and reliability

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