Printed circuit board SMT placement equipment History in 2000 to present

- Mar 27, 2017-

Printed circuit board SMT placement equipment

History in 2000 to present

SMT placement equipment


2000 to present

Due to the huge cost of having two separate machines to place parts, the speed limitations of the chip shooters, and the inflexibility of the machines, the electronic component machine manufacturers abandoned the technique. To overcome these limitations they moved to an all-in-one modular, multi-headed, and multi-gantry machines that could have heads quickly swapped on different modules depending on the product being built to machines with multiple mini turrets capable of placing the whole spectrum of components with theoretical speeds of 136,000 components an hour.

2010 onwards

Swapping heads on placement machines required more inventory of heads and related spare parts for different heads to minimize the downtime. Siemens Siplace SX machine has an all-in-one head that can place components ranging from 01005 to 50 mm × 40 mm. In addition to this there was a new concept wherein the user could borrow performance during peak periods. There is a big change in the industry approach these days with more focus on software applications for the process. With new applications like POP and wafer placement on substrate the industry is moving beyond conventional component placement. There is a big difference in the needs of SMT users. For many, the high speed machines are not suitable due to cost and speed. With recent changes in the economic climate the requirement for SMT placement becomes focused on the machine's versatility to deal with short runs and fast changeover. This means that lower cost machines with vision systems provide an affordable option for SMT users. There are more users of low end and mid-range machines than the ultra fast placement systems.

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