Professional STM patch processing factory to let you know: circuit board price compositio

- Sep 18, 2019-

Professional STM patch processing factory to let you know: circuit board price composition

Today, with the continuous innovation of technology, the life cycle of products is continuously shortening, and the emergence of new creative products has also led to a surge in demand in the SMT chip processing industry. Purchasing circuit boards have become one of the tasks that procurement personnel often do, but they have not been exposed. The circuit board production industry, coupled with the complicated circuit board production process, is difficult to understand, so there are many factors affecting the price, and how to review the complicated circuit board quotation has always been a problem that plagues the majority of procurement personnel, increasing the difficulty of the procurement staff. As a one-stop integrated manufacturing service provider for PCB manufacturing, electronic component acquisition, SMT chip processing and test assembly, Jingbang Electronics will analyze the price of the circuit board:

Take the single board of the circuit board as an example:


The materials used in PCBs are different in price. Sheets generally have FR4 Shengyi, Jianye, Guoji, three prices from top to bottom) plate thickness from 0.6mm3.0mm, copper thickness from 0.5oz--3oz thickness. The thickness of copper foil is not the same, and the price is also very different. The price of copper clad laminates produced by different manufacturers is also very large. In terms of solder mask ink, it is divided into photosensitive ink, thermosetting ink, and light-solid ink. The ink is different and the price is different.


Circuit board copper foil surface treatment process. The main processes introduced by the circuit board factory are: flux process, OSP anti-oxidation treatment, silver plating, lead-spray tin, lead-free spray tin. Main processes such as electroplating water gold and electroplating pure gold. As the level of technology increases, the price will increase step by step, but the specific process that needs to be applied depends on the usefulness of its own electronic products. For example, the cheapest flux process is the choice of many large-volume civilian products. Lead-spray tin is also a good choice, with better oxidation resistance. If it is like a multi-layer computer graphics card, it is generally gold-plated.


The price of raw materials is different, the ink used is different, and it is the main cost of the price of the circuit board. Sometimes it is not necessarily the most important. For example, the difficulty of the circuit diagram is also a big factor. For example, if there are 2100 holes on the two boards, the aperture of the three boards is larger than 0.8mm and the aperture of the other board is 0.5mm, which will result in different drilling costs; if the two boards are the same, but the lines The wide line spacing is different, one is greater than 0.5mm, and one is basically 0, 2mm. In that case, the production cost is also very different. And the scrap rate is also a lot different. Because the high-density board has a high scrap rate, it must be increased, which in turn leads to a variety of prices. Secondly, there are still some imaginary projects that do not go through the arduous process, such as semi-holes, buried blind holes, inner holes, and button-printed carbon oil (more than one process).


But there are many companies that are very demanding. The acceptance criteria for Japanese-funded enterprises is that the IPC2IPC3 enterprise standard and military standard requirements are even higher. There are many standards, and the standards of the European Union and the standards of the United States are different. Of course, the higher the standard, the higher the price.


If the mold cost and test are used to make the board, there will be no additional milling edge fee. When doing large quantities, it is required to open the mold punching plate. This will have a set of even more sets of mold costs. The circuit board factory will generally quote. At around 2,000 yuan, this is only the general price. If the materials are better, the size of the circuit board is larger, the price will be higher, and the price will be tens of thousands.

2 Test fee: Generally, the double-sided circuit board adopts the flying probe test, and the circuit board factory charges the test fee of 100-400 yuan (see the test points of the file). The batch is to open the test frame to test, the test frame is general board factory. The price is between 1000-1500 yuan.

Sixth, the smaller the number, the more expensive the price, because even if you do 1PCS board factory, you have to do engineering materials, out of the film, which process is indispensable.

Seven, delivery, single-sided circuit board delivery is 5-7 days, double-sided circuit board delivery period is generally 7-10 days.

Eight, the difference in the region, the cost of processing is different, land costs, labor costs. Will greatly affect the processing costs.

In today's highly transparent information, the preemption of time has become an important thing for many innovative product companies. Peng Zexiang Technology is based on 10 years of SMT chip processing and production experience, not only providing customers with PCB manufacturing, electronic components, SMT patch processing and test assembly one-stop integrated manufacturing services, and set up a special action group for SMT circuit board rapid proofing, quickly respond to customer needs, truly 24 hours proofing shipment, providing products to seize market opportunities Strong protection.

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