Profit ends, PCB ethnic group softens

- Nov 27, 2019-

Profit ends, PCB ethnic group softens

5G, wireless Bluetooth headsets, and the listing of Apple s new machines have helped PCB stocks to gain legal support. Under the active investment of foreign investment and foreign legal entities, Jialianyi and Hanyubo s intraday stock prices hit a new high, but After the high, they also encountered profit-making selling pressure. Hanyubo and Jialianyi turned from red to black, which caused the selling pressure of Huatong and Jinju, which were already weak in the early trading, to be heavier.


In terms of fundamentals, thanks to the launch of Apple's new machine to pull goods, Huatong and Yaohua's August consolidated revenues were 5.582 billion yuan and 2.077 billion yuan, respectively, which were new monthly highs since December 106; Zhending -The consolidated revenues of KY and Taijun in August were 11.817 billion yuan and 2.625 billion yuan, respectively, the highest in a month after November last year.


Taihong Technology's consolidated operating income in August was 732 million yuan, a decrease of 2.31% from the previous month and a decrease of 21.39% from the same month last year. Of which, the revenue of the electronic materials business was 712 million yuan, a decrease of 2.29% from the previous month and a decrease of 18.56 from the same month last year. %, The cumulative consolidated revenue in the first eight months was 4.931 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 21.46%; Tai Hong said that the third quarter is a traditional peak season, and high-frequency product shipments will be slightly more than the second quarter, and the third quarter performance will be better than the first quarter. 2 seasons.


In the past two years, Jinju has been deeply engaged in the field of high-frequency and high-speed, and has obtained certifications from many customers and major manufacturers in the differentiated copper foil market. It is understood that, in the server field, Jinju has won the exclusive copper foil supplier of AMD Rome chips. Successive shipments are expected, with the growth of CPU shipments, the proportion will increase month by month, and it is expected that the volume will be increased to the second quarter of next year; Intel's Whitley chips are also in certification testing and are expected to begin shipping in the first quarter of next year; Jinju said that the current server accounts for about 5% of the company's revenue, and will see a good contribution in the second half of this year. It is estimated that the annual amount will be the largest in the future. The goal is that the server will account for 25% to 30% of the revenue. .


At present, Jinju's operating rate is fully loaded. In October, the consolidated revenue is expected to narrow the gap from last year. In November and December, the annual growth rate of consolidated revenue is likely to correct. In addition, the copper price is lower than last year and the server heat and demand are still high. Prosperous, it is estimated that the company will return to its peak from the fourth quarter, showing strong growth momentum.

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