Ren Zhengfei: We are on the eve of explosive innovation

- Nov 29, 2019-

Ren Zhengfei: We are on the eve of explosive innovation

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei recently published a signed article in The Economist. The article stated that human society is on the eve of new theories and new technologies, and open innovation is the best solution. We must adhere to open cooperation and win-win results, adhere to building ecology with companies around the world, share the ecology, and firmly embrace globalization.

We firmly believe that human society will inevitably enter the intelligent society in the next 20 to 30 years. Today, human society is on the eve of the outbreak of new theories and technologies. The development potential is huge, but there are also many uncertainties. Many problems still exist, but open innovation is the best solution.

After the electronic technology reaches 3 nanometers and 1 nanometer, it will not stop the development due to the failure of Moore's Law. It will continue to advance, but it is not known how the advancement will be realized. We used to expect to achieve it through graphene, but it is still not clear to this day; gene technology must have made great breakthroughs in these two or three decades. It will promote huge progress in life science, biotechnology, nanomedicine, etc. The changes brought about by humans are still unknown; molecular technology can be used to synthesize unprecedented materials, new materials and new technologies continue to appear, and we are completely unable to see them now; artificial intelligence will definitely be fully applied during this period to promote social progress And improvement, the form of increasing wealth cannot be conceived; the breakthrough and popularization of quantum computing in this period brought about the explosion of information flow and the impact, although imagined, it will never be what we imagine; optical technology In-depth application of the field ...

The advancement of single-disciplinary technology has brought us new opportunities. It has been dizzying, and the huge shock waves generated by breakthroughs in interdisciplinary fields are even more shocking. Any innovation is accompanied by the explosion of information flow. What needs to be stored, transmitted, and processed cannot be predicted. What is certain is that more and more data will be stored on the cloud and processed on the cloud. How can flood-like data be channeled?

In short, we do not know what the future social structure will look like, how to adapt to it, and manage it. Various new ideas and new technologies are in the ascendant. Interdisciplinary "chain reaction" is a new feature of this wave of technological innovation. For example, information technology has become the basis for scientific research and innovation in all fields, just as information technology has become the basis for various industries.

To embrace the new era, the world must encourage freedom of thought

It has been clear that we need to strengthen the infrastructure of the information society. Among them, the foundation has two parts: the hard foundation (the technology itself) and the soft foundation (the rules and skills required to apply the technology ...). Hard foundation, especially the construction of optical networks and 5G, as well as future 6G applications. AI relies on a series of information technologies. Without continuous breakthroughs in infrastructure capabilities, it is difficult to make progress, just like cars cannot run fast without highways. Soft foundation involves talents, supervision, etc., but the key lies in talents. To meet this new era, the world must develop education, and on the basis of improving the cultural quality of the entire nation, with full academic freedom and freedom of thought, cultivate talents who are full of flowers.

Follow the data 数据

Standing at the door of a smart society, we need to look into what role we will play in this new social structure in two or three decades. We imagine the huge information flood, and channeling the huge information flood is our company's strategic positioning in the next two or three decades. To diversify the distribution, storage, and processing of data traffic is our strategic direction and our long-term struggle. The struggle must be continuous in the general direction and adaptive at different stages.

It is not spring to let alone flowers bloom. In such a colorful information society, it is impossible to bloom without flowers. We must adhere to openness, cooperation and win-win situation, insist on building ecology with companies around the world, share the ecology, and firmly embrace globalization

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