Selective soldering Miniature wave selective solder fountain pcb

- Apr 08, 2017-

Selective soldering Miniature wave selective

solder fountain pcb

Miniature wave selective solder fountain

The miniature wave selective solder fountain type is widely used, yielding good results if the PCB design and manufacturing process are optimized. Key requirements for selective fountain type soldering are:


  • Nozzle diameter selection according to solder-joint geometry, nearby component clearance, component lead height and wettable or non-wettable nozzle

  • Solder temperature: Set value or actual value on plated through-hole part

  • Contact time

  • Preheating

  • Flux type: No-clean, organic-based; method of fluxing (spray or dropjet)

  • Soldering: Drag, dip or angle method


  • Temperature requirement (for soldered part) and component selection

  • Nearby SMD through-hole component clearance

  • Ratio of component pin diameter to plated through-hole

  • Component lead length

  • Thermal decoupling

  • Solder masking (green masking) distance from component pad

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