SMD processing plant production workshop safety production system

- Sep 27, 2019-

SMD processing plant production workshop safety production system

Article 1 The workshop should do a good job in safety publicity and education, safety precautions, and implement the idea of “safety first, prevention first”.

Article 2 Strict implementation of various safety operating procedures, employees must always remember the concept of "safety first", always pay attention to personal safety, equipment safety, and must comply unconditionally with respect to safety regulations.

Article 3 Employees must concentrate on the operation of equipment, do not laugh or work in a state of fatigue or waking, and must not play or slap on the spot. No emergency, it is forbidden to run on the workshop floor.

Article 4 Fire-fighting equipment shall be sensitive and reliable, and shall be regularly inspected and replaced (equipment, medicine) with obvious expiration date.

Article 5 Employees must be familiar with the location of fire-fighting equipment and master the methods of use, and be familiar with the location of safety gates and evacuation routes.

Article 6 No hydrant shall be placed within 1 meter. Fire passages and safety passages must be kept open at all times.

Article 7 When the machine is in normal operation, its safety door should be covered. During the operation of the machine, other parts of the body, such as the hands and heads, must not be extended into the machine, nor can other items be extended into the machine.

Article 8 When the machine finds an abnormal condition during operation, the operator should immediately press the emergency switch of the machine and the machine will stop running.

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