SMT chip processing

- Sep 27, 2019-

SMT chip processing

1. Generally speaking, the temperature of the SMT chip shop is 25±3°C;

2. When solder paste is printed, the materials and items to be prepared include solder paste, scraper, steel plate, wiping paper, detergent, dust-free paper, and mixing knife;

3. The composition of the solder paste alloy is generally SnPb alloy, and Sn accounts for 63% and Pb accounts for 37%;

4. The main components of the solder paste are divided into two major types of tin powder and flux;

5. The primary role of flux in soldering is to remove oxides, damage the surface tension of the tin, and avoid re-oxidation.

6. The volume ratio of the flux to the tin powder particles in the solder paste is 11, and the ratio of the components is about 91;

7. The principle of access to solder paste is first in, first out;

8. When the solder paste is used in Kaifeng, it must be warmed and mixed through two important processes;

9. Common manufacturing methods for steel plates are etching, laser, and electroforming;

10. The full name of SMT chip processing is Surface mount (or mounting) technology, which means surface adhesion (or placement) technology in Chinese;

11. ESD is the English abbreviation of Electrostatic discharge, which means the meaning of Chinese electrostatic discharge;

12. When writing the SMT placement machine program, the program includes five types of data, namely PCB data; Mark data; Feeder data; Nozzle data; Part data;

  13. The melting point of lead-free solder SnAgCu ( is 217 ° C;

14. The relative humidity of the parts drying box is less than 10%;

15. Common passive components (Passive Devices) have resistance, capacitance, point (or diode), etc. Active components have transistors, ICs, etc.

16. The common raw material for SMT steel mesh is stainless steel;

17. The thickness of the SMT steel mesh is 0.15mm;

18. The types of electrostatic charge generation are different, conflict, induction, electrostatic conduction, etc. The influence of electrostatic charge on smt patch processing industry is ESD failure and electrostatic pollution; the three principles of static elimination are static neutralization, grounding and shielding.

19. Inch scale 0603 represents a length and width of 0.06 inch 0.03 inch, and a metric scale of 3216 represents a length and width of 3.2 mm 1.6 mm;

20. Exclusion number ERB-05604-J81, 4 indicates 4 loops with a resistance of 56 ohms.

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