SMT chip processing industry development trend of Visual inspection equipment

- Jun 17, 2016-

SMT chip processing industry development

trend of Visual inspection equipment

Development trend of miniaturization with SMD components and SMT technology and higher requirements, electronic manufacturing test equipment requirements have become more sophisticated. SMT production configuration testing equipment in the future should be more than SMT production equipment. Ultimate solution should be AOI+AXI after SPI+ furnace AOI+ furnace combination.

1 SMD component miniaturization trend and demand for AOI equipment

With the progress of society, the development of science and technology to meet the aspirations of the people of various portable devices more and more, making more and more subtle, such as Bluetooth, PDA, NetBook, MP4,SD card, and so on. These products stimulate the development of miniaturized SMD components and component miniaturization is also promoting the development of portable devices. SMD passive component trends like this, in 1983 there was a 0603 components, in 1989 there was a 0402 component 0201 components began in 1999, and today we've begun using 01005 components.

01005 components originally used in pacemakers and other dimensions of sensitive cost-sensitive medical devices as 01005 components of large-scale, 01005 components prices have decreased by 5 times times the price than when it was first launched, 01005 components used along with cost reduction continues to expand into other areas of products, thus stimulating new products emerge.

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